A letter from a Chinese student
I'm a chinese university student learning architecture.I have been studying English for several years. Grew up in Zhengjiang Province and graduated from high school last year,I dwell in Nanjing City for further education.
Communicating with foreigners started to attract my attention and curiosity since middle school.Through TV news and newspapers,I gradually knew the differences between two countries in politics,economy,civilization and military affairs.As for me,I hold a prudent attitude towards the relationship between us two countries.Therefore,I wish to shorten the distance and enhance the understandings among us.Every progress counts.The majority of Chinese people, as far as I know,are open-hearted and fair-minded in general.
I'm willing to make friends here.If you are interested in China and eager to know any thing about Chinese culture and daily life,or you have difficulties learing Chinese ,you can leave me a message.
I'm learning English now.Welcome to point out my mistakes. I'm ready to answer.I iiiiii


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hello :) sorry to bother you.

i was wondering if you're still around? i recently started learning chinese but i was having some difficulties, so i hoped that maybe you could help me a bit since you are chinese (and i don't know any other chinese people .. but i technically don't know you either orz)

I just got the message,and if you have any questions or you want to communicate with me,you can send an e-mail to

I'm very glad to answer.

你最近怎么样? 大学好不好?


好久不见! 最近我换了新手机,特别开心。我的专业是建筑学。最近在学一些课程:城市规划基本原理,心理学,工程造价管理。My major is architercure. Recently I'm taking courese like [Princiles of Urban Planing],[psychology]and [Structural design consultation on industrial &civil building project]. college is good, and how about you? -夏舞蝶wdfxin

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